Adult Entertainment in Ljubljana

Adult Entertainment in LjubljanaAdult Entertainment in Ljubljana
Although Ljubljana is a relatively small city, it does make space for sexy and sinful late night entertainment for adults, gays, lesbians, transvestites and so on. There are several strip clubs in Ljubljana that have recently sprung up around the city displaying a diversity of foreign girls for escorting, table-dancing, stripping or just to keep you company if you buy them an (expensive) drink, and we mean €100 for the cheapest bottle of champagne. Clubs usually provide a dance show, often being quite explicit.
Escorts in Ljubljana are limited but your hotel can advise you where to find a companion for the night. Although prostitution is not illegal in Slovenia, you would have to look very hard to find any girl working the streets. Of course, we don’t advise that you try as these girls do not necessarily undergo any medical examination. It is best to stick with the more ‘refined’ selection we have on offer in Ljubljana.

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