Latino Nightclub

Latino Nightclub
With unlimited free drinks and transportation included in the price of admission, Ljubljana's best nightclub is a great place to party in the company of girls from around the world. As implied by the name, the majority of dancers are Dominican but there are also some Thai and Eastern European girls for the sake of variety. The club is known for great parties and special stag shows at the weekends, usually featuring a couple large snakes or girl-on-girl performance. Located underneath the Arena Play & Party Centre in BTC.

Admission is €20 and includes unlimited drinks and free transportation.

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Latino Nightclub Comments

  • Good place really liked it.As said it is free drinks - one a time.As a result of the free drinks there is a bit of hard selling to buy lady drinks but you can deal with this easily.Dances are great they offially start at 40€ but the girls seem interested in getting you to buy a dildo dance at 50€ Very intimate and would recomend


Open 21:00-05:00 .


Šmartinska 152 (BTC Hala 18)


+386 (0)59 95 21 21


Credit Cards Guarded parking Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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