Green Moon

Green Moon

The first and only Mayan-themed cocktail bar in Ljubljana, no expense was spared in getting the details right and turning what was formerly a basement dive bar into a fun place to come drink, dance and party. Most of the four dozen or so cocktails on the menu contain Agwa, a centuries old Bolivian liqueur made from coca leaves - yes, those coca leaves - and can be ordered in 1L and 1.5L pitchers for those who are especially thirsty. Definitely try one of the Slovenia-inspired house speciality drinks like the Soča or Patria (and if you're not from Slovenia google 'jansa patria' to see why the latter is a brilliant name).

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Green Moon Comments

  • Best cocktail bar, great guys, reccomend.
  • the best cocktail bar )
  • The Mayan people do not live in Bolivia.
  • A great place to spend the night!
  • Very good bar low prices and very tasty cocktails.Highly recommend! )


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