Pr' Skelet

NOTE: This popular long-running bar closed it's doors in 2013, in order to move the party to larger premises on the other side of the river at Pr' Skelet Disco Bar.

Look for the skeleton hanging in a cage on the corner of the street, dip up the alley and down the skeleton-riddled staircase, over the skeleton lying under the glass floor and enter what may well be the strangest cocktail bar of them all. As sharp-witted readers may have already guessed, the theme here is a skeletal one. They’re everywhere - some still wearing their clothes, and even a dominatrix skeleton complete with a whip and naughty little skeleton. Not content with this, expect to find a bony handle on your cup should you order a coffee.

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Pr' Skelet Comments

  • I visited this bar in the legendary summer of 2012. I was travelling with a couple of other men so we formed a group of three. This bar is unique. For a start, the street outside is a health and safety officer's nightmare. It is littered with thousands of small skeletons just waiting to trip the unsuspecting tourist up and would no doubt lead to unwanted skeletal imprints on the face. The bar itself does a good line in Chernobyl coloured drinks that light up the dingy establishment and you can always rely on being served a good Union beer to wash the free peanuts down. If you are a Skeleton lover, this is the bar for you. If you hate skeletons, I would pass this one by in the street, just mind your step.
  • I was here last summer with a couple of lads guzzling some fun. I've never been more creeped out inside a bar in my life. Walking out of the gents to see a terrifying skeleton in my face necessitated an immediate trip back to the gents. That being said, this place is well worth a visit, however (re Tom Cambridge below) I would not take up residence there for all the Union in Slovenia. Free peanuts as well by the way bonus!
  • We visited this place in June 2012. We were a group of three men. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we were scared! We spent much of our time there contemplating what it would be like (and how much money we would need to be paid) to stay there for 6 months, alone. Eeerie, but worth a visit!
  • Cool spot for a drink. Had cocktail special while we were there. Eerie atmosphere with the skeletons everywhere. Loved the "rocking" skeletons every now & then...go there and you will find out what I mean. Worth a stop.
  • best cube libra


Open 10:00-03:00.


Ključavničarska 5


+386 (0)1 252 77 99


Dogs Allowed City centre location Outside seating Smoking place Non-smoking

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