Pension Zaplata

Also a popular guesthouse at the foot of the Alps, Zaplata is worth making the 30 or so minute drive from Ljubljana for the food alone. As with all authentic countryside restaurants, they adapt the menu depending on the season to ensure the freshest local ingredients, but the house speciality are various game dishes, including homemade deer salami, stag in juniper sauce, quail and mixed game goulash. The set menus at the weekends offer a good value, although you should call ahead to make reservations. 

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Open 12:00-23:00.
 last orders at 21:00


Tupaliče 32, Preddvor


+386 (0)4 255 62 50
+386 (0)31 637 088
fax:+386 (0)4 255 16 11


Credit Cards Wi-fi Dataport Child-friendly Non-smoking Air-conditioning Breakfast

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