If you are looking for fine dining in the heart of the city, Valvasor may be just the place for you. ‘Elegant’ and ‘tasteful’ are adjectives that could be used to describe both the décor and the menu. Seafood features heavily in both the appetizers and mains sections though for the completely carnivorous there is also a good range of mouth-watering red meat options. If you find yourself spoilt and confused by choice you could take advantage of the degustation menu and try a little of a lot. With an extensive wine list selected from all over Slovenia, Valvasor is open for lunch and dinner though it’s definitely best to book for the latter.


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Valvasor Comments

  • We had the most fabulous meal at Valvasor - delicious pasta type of Slovenian pasta with fresh asparagus preceeded by Karst ham and melon. Great decor service and ambiance - loved it.
  • restaurant très moyen; accueil épouvantable cher cuisine sans surprise le personnel en dessous de toutdevrait faire un stage d'aimabilité
  • I loved it. The foie gras with warm pear and the risotto with melon (which is actually more like squash) are amazing dishes exploding with flavor. They brought me out a dessert on the house (I think they do this often) which was a wonderful flavor of grapefruit ice cream with shavings of orange peel. My only complaint would be that they served me one dish that I didn't order (and I thought it was on the house, but it wasn't). That said it was only 1.5 euros and it was definitely worth it, so I am glad they did it, I just wish they had mentioned that this was not on the house. Maybe he did, and I misheard him. Anyway, it was fabulous. Get reservations if you are going for dinner as they will be booked up, or walk in for lunch as it isn't as busy. Cost for meal of Appetizer, Main Course, small appetizer, free dessert, 2 glasses of wine = 40 euros For Slovenian standards this might be slightly higher than your average 10 euro meal but for the quality of food it is quite the deal.


Open 12:00-22:30. Closed Sun.


Stari Trg 7


+386 (0)14 25 04 55


Credit Cards City centre location Takeaway Outside seating Child-friendly Smoking place Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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