Hiša Slovenskih Domačih Jedi Pomf

Just around the corner from Ljubljana's famous Dragon Bridge, this place is refreshingly the opposite of a tourist trap: preparing high-quality authentic Slovene cuisine at reasonable prices. It also has a cosy unassuming cosy interior that is much larger than it looks from the street, and includes a separate dining area in the cellar with an exposed brick vaulted ceiling - a perfect retreat for couples. There's even live music in the evenings. Of course it's the food that brings people here, and the house specialities include game goulash (with deer and wild boar), bograč and jota (classic Slovene stews), various grilled dishes and something called Emperor's fingers.


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Hiša Slovenskih Domačih Jedi Pomf Comments

  • Awesoke food. Great wine recommendation. Love the emoeror's fingers and grilled meats!!! Service ws kinda slow. Will be back again!!


Open 12:00-24:00


Trubarjeva 40


+386 (0)40 521 840



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