Igloo Village Krvavec

Igloo Village Krvavec
If the fabulously expensive 'ice hotel' in Sweden is a bit beyond your budget, no fear - there's an equally frosty reception at Slovenia's very own igloo village. After dinner in the igloo restaurant  and a session with your eski-mates down at the ice bar, you have the option of accommodation: a classic or romantic igloo. Snowshoeing, snowbiking and skiing are the main activities available at the mountainside location, but just the fact that you're staying in an igloo should be exciting enough. Expect a party atmosphere in and around the village, open from December until the end of March. Good for events and special occasions.

Situated just a few kilometres from Joše Pučnik airport (Brnik), or a 45 minute drive from Ljubljana - northbound along the A2 motorway, following signs for 'Krvavec Ski Center'.

Prices are €89/person for accommodation (which includes night snowshoeing, a welcome cocktail, dinner in Igloo Restaurant, party with DJ in the Ice Bar, sleeping in a standard igloo, usage of special expedition sleeping bags and breakfast), €45 (without accommodation) and €250 for two people (Romantic igloo + champagne).

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Krvavec, Gorenjska


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