If Things Go Wrong

The emergency number is 112 for fire, rescue and ambulance, and 113 for police. If possible, find someone who speaks Slovene to help you make the call since there is no guarantee of finding an English speaker on the other end. The nearest Casualty Unit (Emergency Room) to the city centre can be found at the University Medical Centre at Ljubljanska 5, (E-3). Emergency treatment is free for members of EU, EEA and Switzerland. We also list local pharmacies, dentists and other services in the directory. If you find yourself in trouble with the police, call your embassy immediately. The numbers for embassies can be found here under Foreign Representation in the directory.

Useful Emergency Words:

gasilci (GAH-SEELT-SEE) – firemen
policija (POH-LEET-SEE-AH) – police
bolnišnica (BOW-NEESH-NEET-SA) - hospital

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