Reds Pub

The sight of this place might have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief but it's true, situated some way beyond the city centre here is Maribor's very own tribute to Liverpool Football Club. There's red all over the place, naturally, with scarves and other paraphernalia adorning the walls and ceiling. Also somewhat inevitably, is a photo of Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso and Djibril Cisse with the European Cup in the background. The pub's only been going for two years, so it's nice, clean and tidy and the owner is trying to get a Liverpool Supporter's Club up and running in Slovenia for which the bar will undoubtedly become the focal point.

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  • So glad i discovered this place. Been travelling for ages and miss watching liverpool games. Was dying to see the city game and came across Reds Bar. A great result and game was made perfect by the atmosphere and singing the fields of anfield road inside the packed bar. Everyone was super friendly even tho i didnt have a word of slovenia and even got a cheeky free Jameson off the owner. Amazing place. Thanks alot guys YNWA


Jezdarska 7


+386 (0)51 62 21 08

Guarded parking Live Music Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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