SightseeingMaribor from above

Most of the city's historical sites - churches, monuments and an oddly large number of free-standing towers - are concentrated in a relatively small area that makes up the old town centre, which means that half a day and a good pair of walking shoes is all you should need to cover most of the main sites. However, with inviting cafés and ice cream shops every few metres, a couple of large parks that reward aimless wandering, and lots of photogenic old villas to the north west of the old town, you could spend the better part of a week exploring and still find something new around every corner. Of course like all modern cities - especially those unfortunate enough to have had building booms in the 1960s and '70s - Maribor has its fair share of eyesores, although some of them manage to cross the so-bad-they're-good threshold and are worth tracking down.


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