BioTerme Mala Nedelja

One thing is for certain: Slovenes love their thermal spas. From a modest single pool built in 1973, Mala Nedelja - whose name translates to the rather quaint-sounding "Small Sunday" - has grown to include 11 different pools, with plans on the drawing board for even more. They also has a sauna and small wellness centre, and admission is one of the least expensive around with day tickets at only €4.50/6.80 for children/adults. However, its location 40km east of Maribor off the road to Ljutomer is not exactly convenient for most visitors.

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  • HiI know this place. my mother was born in this small town. I was in the hotel. It is good, quiet location and good food. Not a lot of activities, unfortunately. More for country people. But it is super to relaxe and to save force.


Open 09:00-20:00 Mon-Thurs and Sun, and 09:00-21:00 on Fri, Sat and holidays.


Moravci v Slov. goricah


+386 (0)25 85 17 30

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