Caffe Bar Chris

Caffe Bar Chris

Just around the corner from the Miracolo di Mare B&B at the south end of town, when the chairs and tables are brought in for the night you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a private residence. In fact, other than the laundry hanging overhead nothing really stands out about it all, which is why it's a great place to grab a morning coffee and practice your rudimentary Slovene or Italian with the locals.

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  • škoda ker je zaprt
  • Pozdravljeni vsi skupaj! Že nekaj časa nazaj cca. 7 let je pri vas delal nek Brane ali Branko.Če imate kakršne koli podatke o njem bi bila zelo vesela če mi jih posredujete.Namreč bila sva zelo dobra prijatelja a so se najine poti na veliko žalost razšle.v upanju,da mi boste lahko pomagali vas lepo pozdravljam. Adrijana


Open 07:00-23:00.


Tomšičeva 13

City centre location Outside seating No Credit cards

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