In the north of town just around the corner from the pathway leading up to St George Cathedral, this small family-run affair is another great option for superb home-made seafood dishes. Savo Ristič handles things in the kitchen, while his wife Mija stays out front making guests feel at home as they crowd around a half dozen cosy tables. Highly recommended for a more intimate dining experience.


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Galeb Comments

  • Very good, down to earth place looks like you are in the 90s. But dont let turn you off : this is a good place to eat local food! We love their cevapcici, service is also good + friendly :)
  • here is very delicious cuisine .. especially squid with garlic sauce ... homemade wine just fantastic ....
  • We ate here because the simplicity of the outdoor dining attracted us, and for some reason big menus with pictures were a turn-off to me. We lucked out getting there early because the best seats were quickly reserved by other tourists. We ordered an entire fish (for 2) and one side, liter of mineral water, 1/2 liter of wine and it came to about 50 Euro. Our meal was delicious and the service was excellent.


Open 11:00-16:00; 18:00-23:00.


Pusterla 5


+386 (0)5 673 32 25

Credit Cards City centre location Non-smoking

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