10 Reasons why In Your Pocket is Europe's market leader in city guide publishing

1. Experience
Market leadership doesn't happen overnight. It comes with experience; with a track record of continually coming up with the goods. We've been a round a while: since 1992 in fact. We've made mistakes (who can ever forget Jolly the Dog?), for nobody's perfect, but over the past two decades we have developed into the most reliable and best-known publisher on the continent because we have always recognized the need not only to adapt to market changes, but to listen to what our readers are telling us. Our experience is also your experience.

2. Our Readers
In Your Pocket answers to one group of people: our readers, who are at once both our users and our most important brand ambassadors. In a survey of our readership carried out in 2007, an incredible 99 per cent of those polled said they would recommend our products to friends. That's marketing all the money in the world can't buy.

3. Local Presence
We are that rarest of birds: a multi-national company that thrives on its local presence. We employ hundreds of young professionals across Europe who write, research, design and sell advertising in our products. They all know and care about the cities they work in, and are uniquely placed to produce the right content, or to help your business find the right advertising solution. No other publisher anywhere in the world has such local presence.

4. Great Writers
In Your Pocket guides are written by in-house, native English speakers who all live in the cities they write about. Our writers are travel industry professionals who are regularly asked to write for major international newspapers and other travel guide publishers.

5. Unrivalled Distribution
In Your Pocket is now available in more formats than any other city guide publication. In print (in more than 200 places in every city covered), online (here at the award-winning website inyourpocket.com), in iPaper, in PDF, on iPhones and even in video. More than 4.5 million In Your Pocket branded products are printed and distributed every year.

6. Originality
Every piece of information in every issue of every In Your Pocket city guide is independently checked and verified first hand. Every word of every text is original. None of our local rivals (almost all of whom have, at one stage or another, stolen copyrighted text or information from us) can say this with any real honesty.

7. Reliability
Every piece of information in every issue of every In Your Pocket city guide is independently checked and verified every two months, prior to publication. No publisher in the world - including the biggest names in the travel guide industry - offers such accurate and reliable information. When listing the ten most trusted travel guide publishers in the wake of the Lonely Planet scandal in March 2008, The Times had no hesitation in naming In Your Pocket as a tried, trusted and reliable brand. The Guardian recently named as one of the world's best 50 travel websites. You can see our wealth of other references from the world's press here.

8. Editorial Independence
The editorial content of every In Your Pocket guide is completely independent of paid-for advertising. All listings in all of our publications, in print and online, are free, and appear irrelevant of whether advertising space is purchased or not.

9. Values
They can steal our content, but they can't steal our values. All In Your Pocket licensees are bound by the In Your Pocket charter, which guarantees the highest standards of editorial and business ethics.

10. A Valued Brand
In Your Pocket is an international brand, instantly recognisable as a purveyor of only the finest print and online publications. The In Your Pocket name is a registered trademark in more than 50 countries around the world.

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