The remains of Chufut-Kale cave city are located on an almost inaccessible plateau, reaching a height of 540 meters above the sea level. In the 4th century, the Byzantine Empire founded a small fort on a plateau at the top of the mount. In the 8th century, the Khazars ruled the city. It was named Kyrk-Or, or in Tartar it was called Kirk-Iyer, which means “forty fortresses”. It was taken by Golden Horde troops in 1299 and partially destroyed. After the Crimean Khanate achieved independence from the Golden Horde, Kyrk-Or became the capital of this state and the first residence of the Crimean khans. In the 16th century, the Muslim population went to the new capital - Bakhchisaray, and the Karaims came here, giving the city a new name Chufut-Kale, or “Jewish fortress”. After the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Empire, there was a gradual exodus from the city. A road from the bottom of the mount to the inner part of the city is marked with special tourist signs.

Getting there One can actually get to Chufut-Kale from Bakhchisaray by foot. Pass the Assumption Monastery, walk down to the old nut grove and then walk up the gully named Maryam-Dere. Admission 40Hr, children 20Hr. 

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