Church of St. Elliah

Church of St. Elliah
The temple was built in honor of St. Elijah on the Yevpatorian shore. The project was the creation of the architect A. L. Henrich and took 7 years to complete, from 1911 until 1918. In contrast to the St. Nicholas church, the design of the St. Elijah church is more humble with smooth dark walls and large laconic façade details. Inside the building one can find icons in the new-Greek style along with a lamp with a live flame, which was brought from the Greek temple Zakintos.

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Church of St. Elliah Comments

  • Thank you for your comment!We are not about to tell everything possible about Yevpatoria sights but to highlight the most essential. It will be very nice addition information for our readers. For next print issue we'll surelly add this facts.
  • It’s very strange you tell nothing about St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Evpatoria which was designed by architect Alexander Bernardazzi and consecrated by bishop Nikon on February16 1899. St. Nicholas cathedral has been built in a memory of the liberation of Evpatoria from the Anglo-Franco-Turkish troops during the Crimean War 1853-1856. Rector of the cathedral was the priest Theodore Turovsky.On May 16 1916 St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Evpatoria was visited by Russian Emperor Nicholas-2 with his royal family.St. Nicholas Cathedral is the center of the architectural appearance of Evpatoria and a wonderful decoration of the city sea coast.


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