Nestled in a forest overlooking a breathtaking lake, Santino is located just beyond the city limits in the charming village of Navariya. You’ll need a car to get here, and once you’ve arrived just look for the distinct one-story building with a terrace surrounded by quaint pavilions, stone paths and glorious nature. The restaurant’s main hall features large bay windows that frame the stunning lake below. The assortment of dishes is selective yet tasty. Plan on at least 30 minutes for the food to hit the table, but with this kind of serenity you won’t be in a rush.


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Open 11:00 - 23:00.


Shkil’na 10A, Navariya, Lviv region


(+380) 67 923 57 01
(+380) 67 670 03 35

Credit Cards Guarded parking Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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