Arrival & Transport

Getting There

Few things in life are easier than getting to Zabrze from Katowice. Trains are frequent between the two cities and depending on which you get on your journey time will be anything from 18 to 25 minutes with tickets retailing from approximately 5,00 to 9,50zł. The train station is located smack in the centre of town at ul. Dworcowa 2 (R-2) and is a tiny and typically cheerless affair featuring one track and two ticket windows - one of which should be open 24 hours. Credit cards are not accepted and, fittingly, there's no ATM. However help isn't far away; head across the street to find the local tourist info office (Pl. Dworcowy 5) and we're sure the people there can tell you where the nearest bank machine is if you catch them between 08:00 and 20:00, Sat, Sun 11:00-19:00. Also in the station itself are a few kiosks, food stands and slot machines, as well as the obligingly grim train station bar and a large secondhand clothing store.

If travelling by car, approaching from the east (Katowice) or west (Germany), you'll likely do so via the A4 freeway. Take the exit just before (if coming from Katowice) or just after (if coming from Germany) Gliwice - ul. Wspólna - and follow the signs to Zabrze.