Nightlife in Burgas

Nightlife in Burgas


Cafes and Bars are an integral part of the social life in Burgas during the summer months for locals and visitors alike. There is a whole variety of bars to choose from, trendy beach bars, classy piano bars, or your 'no frills' cafe bar. Many open early in the day and go through till midnight offering alchoholic and non-alchoholic drinks in shaded outdoor seating areas; others more like discos or live music clubs tend to open around 22:00 and are usually indoors (for noise protection). Admission charges may apply.

Local brand alhohol is considerably cheaper than international brands, care should be taken not to overdo it - the basic hard liquor serving is 50ml, a large 100ml.

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Editor's Picks & Featured Venues

Allegro Piano Bar

 ul. Aleksandrovska 58


 ul. Serdika 2 B
At the back of the Tria City Centre.Live music nights. 100 seats

Beach Bar White Flight

 Northern beach
Directly on the beach opposite the Adam and Eve car park.

Club 27

 ul.Slavianska 14
Live music nights. Jam session every Thursday. 80 seats


 ul.Mitropolit Simeon 5


 ul.Saedenenie 24
very 'zen' stylish cafe/ bar

Piano Bar Primoretz

 Hotel Primoretz, Primorski Park

Piano Bar Silicon

 ul. Vazrazhdane 10

Retro Bar Dover

 ul.Bulair 12A
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