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The first thing you notice is an all-encompassing green. 58% of the entire nation of Slovenia is covered in forest, and nowhere is that more apparent than at its heart. The lushest of valleys sweep across the horizon alongside undulating hills that seem to never end. Slovenia is arguably the aesthetic jewel in the European crown, undeniably gorgeous with a vast array of landscapes ready to make your jaw hit the ground. Claiming one area is prettier than another is always going to be subject to taste, but we’re hard pushed to put anywhere above the region aptly named Heart of Slovenia. Seven municipalities make up our guide to the nations beating heart, bringing sights and sounds aplenty to the Slovene touristic table.
In the Heart of Slovenia, the life of the past and life in the present sidle up next to each other in complete comfort. The land east of Ljubljana has been a regional crossroads for centuries, and the rivers that cross this territory pay testament to a long and storied history. Roman ruins, baroque churches, adorable villages and 21st century health centres are surrounded by views of the mountains, luscious greenery and river walks in a compact kaleidoscope of everything that Slovenia has to offer. Compact is the right word, meaning exploring this stunning region couldn’t be easier.
So hop in the car, roll the windows down and take in the sumptuous beauty and tradition of the slow beating Heart of Slovenia. As always we welcome any and all feedback, through Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram or even good old email.

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