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Getting around Kazan

Public Transport
Kazan is mainly serviced by a network of buses and trolleybuses. The fare for one ride is 20-24Rbl. In 2005 Kazan also opened its own underground system with seven stations stretched over one line. The stations themselves are shining new examples of the amount of investment now being pumped into Kazan and have helped eased traffic for citizens travelling in to the centre, especially on Kazan's many bridges. Most tourists will not need to use the metro although it can be a quick way to get between the Kremlin and your hotel for example.
Taxis are a very quick and easy way to get around town and it is usually not difficult to find one (unlike in some other Russian cities). Most official taxis run on metres, although they may also accept to agree on a set price before setting off too. From the train station to the centre 200-400Rbl is more than fair, whilst going to the airport the average cost is around 1000Rbl.

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