Banja Luka

The Most Beautiful Girls in Ex-Yu. Allegedly.

more than a year ago

Anyone who has passed through or stayed in and explored Banja Luka will immediately recall that one of the city's the most striking features was its fruity ladies. Indeed, Banja Luka is known for its fine-looking, thin-waisted women throughout the whole of the Former Yugoslavia.

It's also worth mentioning that the current female/male ratio is 7:1.

That's right, there are seven girls for every one man.

So, how to describe Banja Luka's ladies? Well, leaving aside body shape and looks, you will notice immediately that the girls of Banja Luka possess a special femininity, which is more of an attitude. They have a style, behaviour, personality and body language all their own. The point is, they are attractive and know they are attractive. Equally, they have few inhibitions in dressing to accentuate their beauty and good looks. For the foreign man, it is quite a pleasant surprise to see how much care they take over their appearance. Beauty salons are a thriving business here, and many ladies will visit one regularly to ensure that she looks her best.

The ‘Turbo Folk’ craze has been a big influence on many Banja Luka girls. Turbo Folk stars evoke a wealthy and eroticized view of women and celebrate the image of the female form. (Many people dismiss the whole thing as pornographic kitsch).  The genre has a considerable following amongst young women. Designer clothes, detailed accessories, and even plastic surgery are all part of the Turbo Folk scene.

Basicially fellas, if you're heading to Banja Luka,  you're in for some cracking sights. Take a look at our nightlife and cafe listings to find out where you can meet this city's rather special ladies.


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Over a year ago
New York
This is total b.s. I was there. Wtf?!
Over a year ago
Banjaluka lady
Republic of Srpska,
Dragan, that has to be joke for 1st of April. Ratio is more in direction 20 beautiful ladies / 1 nice guy. So nice guys you are more then welcome to come and visit us (but be prepared also to get married, because when you once come in Banja Luka, you just can’t help yourself :-))). I have to point out that we are not under such an influence of turbo folk - we listen also rock, pop etc. Everything else is truth :-))
Over a year ago
"It's also worth mentioning that the current female/male ratio is 7:1."Sorry, but statistically proven, this can be regarded only as urban legend. Nothing more. :(
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