Body Worlds

Even after 20 years of exhibition history and with more than 40 million visitors around the world, the fascination with the mysteries of the human body and the quest for a long, healthy life continue to exude the same magnetism as always. Furthermore, fascinating specimens of animal anatomy became part of the BODY WORLDS at Menschen Museum. The animal anatomy literally inside out, by revealing the previously hidden interioer – without skin, fur or hair. Special highlight of this collection include the plastinated Lion »Icke«, originally born at the Berlin Zoo, impresses with extraordinary muscles. Weighing 200 kg, the animal has strong hind limbs that can propel incredible leaps of nearly 12 metres.


10:00–19:00 Nov 1 2018 - Dec 31 2019

Price/Additional Info

Admission €14/12/9 (30% with Berlin Welcome Card)

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