Getting there


An hour or so away from Ljubljana, just north of the Croatian border and less than 200km from four international airports, although getting to Bloke is hardly rocket science, there are several drawbacks to relying on Slovenia’s public transport system to do so. Not only do few buses and trains pass through on a regular basis, travelling around the region is also complicated if you choose this method of getting around. In order to get the most out of your trip, we strongly suggest renting a car.

By air
Bloke is a relatively short distance away from international airports in Ljubljana, Portorož, Zagreb and Trieste. Once you’re on the ground, completing the final part of the journey is perhaps best accomplished with the help of the GoOpti low-cost bus shuttle service, or, as already recommended, by picking up a rental car on arrival to complete the journey.

By bus
It’s possible to get to Bloke on the bus in around 90 minutes courtesy of a number of different routes, although none of them are straightforward. If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands however, travelling by bus is always an interesting adventure in Slovenia. For more information on getting in, out and around the region by bus, see the excellent

By car
To make the 50km journey to Nova Vas and Bloke in general from Ljubljana, head east and then south out of the city on the E61 as far as Unic before joining the small and picturesque eastbound road for the last 20km or so. The main route from Croatia is via the border crossing at Prezid where you can pick up route 213 north, which takes you all the way into the centre of Nova Vas.

By train
There’s no direct connection between the capital and Nova Vas, although if you do want to experience the idiosyncrasies of local train travel you’ll find trains to the nearby towns of Rakek and Velike Lasče where you can pick up a local bus service to complete the journey. For more information about travelling around the country by train, the Slovenian Railways website at has a useful interactive timetable in English.

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