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15 Mar 2018

While the choice of places to visit, eat and party continue to improve year to year in the Tri-city, one area which continues to frustrate is customer service. To the foreign visitor the people with whom you come into contact during your stay are in effect ambassadors for the city and as such a poor performance by the person dealing with you can often affect your opinion of the city and country as a whole.

In recent times we have the impression that service is actually getting worse and rather than blame the servers directly we feel the responsibility lies with the owners and managers who employ them.

We have been left waiting for up to and sometimes over an hour to receive our food with no information or apologies forthcoming from the restaurant staff. The experience of receiving the wrong order or receiving starters and main courses together or not at all is not unusual and we question why too many places appear to have far more tables than they can comfortably serve. A common problem seems to be the hiring of young staff who are then thrown into the fray with little or no training on how to perform their duties. This doesn’t excuse some of the rudeness we’ve experienced but we do have sympathy for some waitstaff who are expected to run the restaurant while quite often management or owner sit in a corner perusing Facebook on their laptop. Another issue for us is the policy of ‘zonal’ serving which sometimes leaves one server dealing with three or four tables while their colleague twiddles their thumbs as their area is empty. While mistakes happen, the reaction when they do is nearly always poor with more effort often put into trying to shift blame or deny responsibility than smoothing the situation with an apology and something more than a couple of glasses of some peculiar alcohol from a bottle gathering dust at the back of the shelf. It’s not just restaurants – the lack of a smile and often basic good manners in some of the city’s museums or exhibitions is also completely unnecessary.


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Over a year ago
Joost van der Voort
As an addition to point 4: Not bringing the main course for all at the same time - half of the table will be finished with their meal whilst the others are still waiting for theirs.
Over a year ago
This article sums up quite well the level of service in Poland. Coming from Gdansk but having lived abroad for the past ten years, this hits me every time I go back. It's shocking and I cannot find a good reason for this state of affairs. It also very embarassing for me as a Pole, especially when inviting guests to my city. C'mon, my compatriots, can we change this?
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