Green Karst

Green Karst


If there’s one thing Slovenia isn’t short of, it is beautiful nature. Every corner of the country seems to contain something magical, and in this regard the Green Karst region is something of a microcosm of the entire nation. Whether you are after mountains, valleys, meadows, lakes or rivers, we find it here in great abundance. The lakes arguably take the cake, with the special and unique phenomenon of disappearing lakes sitting pretty at the top of this gorgeous construction. Full bodies of water in winter and flatlands in summer, they are a breeding ground for a fantastic array of beasts of the sky and the land.

The Green Karst is also famous for its range of caves just waiting to be explored. Postojna cave might get the most plaudits internationally, but it is the relatively unexplored Kri┼żna cave that got our hairs standing on edge with its underground lakes and galleries. The various caves of the region only receive a specific number of guests each year in order to preserve what makes them special, so don’t miss out.
Culture abounds throughout the region too, as seen by the castles, monuments, museums and folktales gloriously portrayed over delicious home-cooked meals. The Green Karst is also home to some of the finest (or most bizarre, depending on opinion) festivals and carnivals in all of Slovenia, not least the strange characters taking over the streets in Cerknica and Ilirska Bistrica every Ferbruary.
At the end of the day however, the Green Karst is a land of beautiful relaxation and tranquillity, with the tourist farms showcasing this in the most natural of ways. You can’t go wrong with any of the farms focused on in this guide, so choose one and set yourself some time to explore this magical corner of Slovenia.
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