The Broken Egg

Saturday Apr 27 12:00–12:45       Turgaus 9

This is a story about the discrepancy between an event and its evaluation. Lamenting a broken egg, a magpie plucks its tail off, a tree drops its leaves and a river turns to blood. Things get blown out of proportion and a measly accident is turned into a big problem, resulting in a series of dramatic events and comical outcomes.

The Broken Egg is a play of light and shadow. Shadow is more capable than light. It can get behind the shut doors, into a clenched fist or a closed mouth, even inside a human being. However, shadow, which represents the dark side, has light as its source.

 The play is based on a Lithuanian chain tale and intended for children from 3 to 100 years old.

 The idea in presenting the play as if through a looking glass was to have a laugh at ourselves. After all, everything depends on our responses. Our perspective on things determines the outcome. Chain tales are some of the most effective short stories. Their language is easy to understand; the repetitions sharpen the memory and attentiveness; they help even the youngest of spectators to understand a more complex works of art. Tales like this are especially useful for children with ADHD.



Apr 27 2019 12:00–12:45
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