Expat Ljubljana

Expat Ljubljana


With an official population of approximately 280,000 inhabitants, Ljubljana is somewhat smaller than Coventry, England or Białystok, Poland and just larger than Brașov, Romania or Münster, Germany - closer in size to a village than a metropolis.

However, with all due respect to these other undoubtedly fine cities, Ljubljana boasts a cosmopolitan feel well beyond what the simple numbers would imply, thanks to factors including its status as an EU capital, its position at one of the continent's main geographical and historical crossroads, strong connections with the former Yugoslav states, a long tradition of culture and the arts, its quick establishment of a (more or less) market-oriented economy in the early 1990s, its popularity as a destination for foreign students, and its relatively high quality of life, especially for families and nature-lovers. All of this adds up to a thriving expat community, which we've tried to feature just a bit of on the pages below.

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