Radovljica: Honestly Sweet

Radovljica, or Radol'ca as it is more affectionately known, may not be as well-known as nearby Bled, but it boasts a wide range of sights and activities, and also offers something that its more famous neighbour simply can't: peace, quiet and a relaxing medieval town atmosphere. An administrative centre since the 16th century, today the municipality of Radovljica comprises some four dozen individual settlements and nearly 20,000 people. At the centre of it all, and of most interest to tourists, is the picturesque old town situated on a hilltop overlooking the Dežela plain to the east and the Sava river valley to the west, with perfect views of the Julian Alps dominating the background in seemingly all directions.

The compact city centre is a veritable open air museum of beautifully restored buildings, narrow sloping streets and pleasant sidewalk cafés. The wider area is home to countless hiking and cycling paths, some great accommodation options (including an award-winning campsite, a newly built tourist farm and several old town guest houses), an airport offering scenic flights and the Bled-Lesce train station. We also find the lovely village of Kropa, known as the home of Slovenian blacksmithing for centuries. All of this, plus the genuinely welcoming spirit of its residents, should lead many visitors to consider choosing Radol'ca as their base for the region and making Bled a day trip, rather than vice versa.
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