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Housed in the exclusive Vernisāža complex in the Vērmanes Park, you pretty much have to be well-heeled, well-dressed and local to gain entrance to this pleasure palace for Riga’s elite, which essentially consists of celebrities, TV personalities and the über-rich. Foreign DJs are often imported from around Europe and its stage is also graced by local musicians, rappers and the like. You can expect a trendy atmosphere, expensive cocktails and Champagne and, of course, incredibly beautiful wait staff, but as a tourist in the Latvian capital, you might not pass its strict face control.
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Worst experience ever! We went 4 guys. One of our friends is Black and Was also The only one who wasent allowed to enter. We argued about this decission, and The manager Denniz admitted he is a racist!!!! Wtf is up with that???????

Everybody suggests you to go there that you're gonna get good times. Yea it might be too bad those m#@%&*s of guards like to trick you asking you either for an "american express(what the @#$%???) Or getting a table which is for free. Too bad that we that table you are forced to buy two bottles which cost at least 90 euros each. Are you s&^%#*g me or what? I mean if you wanna get money you can rise the price of the drinks inside or something but for 180 euros I can even take a last minute flight and back and have more fun. This place is the biggest bs ever, I'm never gonna come back or even suggest it to somebody. Coyote fly s@#*$&s @#$%&
To have a public local club that refuses the right to come in just for where you born IS A CRIME. To want to enter into EU and make this policies to EU people is not only A CRIME. It's even Absurd. All people that justify this CRIME, just need to feel into their skin what happen to be banned just for the place you born. That's why happen when you don't travel. You are lack of empathy. You are close mind, and you justify medieval laws. Just a tip: Human rights says thats nobody can be banned for their sex, race (birthplace) and political opinion. This policy just violates human rights.
I was in Riga for the erasmus project and I had no problem in getting in this club. I was there more than 20 times, so really I don't understand the complains It's a cool place, not so expensive and filled with gorgeous women (Latvia is full of beautiful girls)
Richard Soderlund
I went there during summer with a couple of friends. They let us in no problem and behind me they let in group of spanish speaking people, so I don't understand when people write that it's for locals only The club itself had more Foreigners than locals (mostly Scandinavians). The club itself is ok, good atmosphere, but nothing special. I guess for this small city it's something though. Staff was friendly and place was more of a upper-class place which is nice. I'm Latvian btw, but I have been live abroad.
"Kojoti is also the most Latvian place ever. Foreigners are traditionally banned. In order to get into club you have to show Latvian ID document or be fluent in Latvian language. Very fluent!" I understand that Latvians want to have a club that speaks only in Latvian. On the streets of Riga hear Russian as often as the Latvian language. Latvia is a small country. This club is the defense of sovereignty.
Spending time in Coyote is best to do in Riga. We were 2 boys as tourist and without girls , we had very good welcome.Even had conversation with securities in English even it is summer and club was full.I believe all time,whereever you are everything depends on first your wearing and dialog performance.

I'm Japanese,femail. I got in and enjoyed! Lol
Black guy

All the black artists should refuse to perform there, maybe the door-policy will change then. Rascists
steve mann

I went there with my girlfriend last night. They asked us if we had an invitation and we said no, but they let us in anyways. I had to pay 5 LATs and my gf got in for free. We are tourists and i think it helps if you suit up. I saw people of all skin colours in there, although only a few. And we were not the only tourists in there. Very nice club, not overcrowded.

who really care????

discrimination is crime and not allow because is foreigner is disgusting,anyway the place is not worthing,i was there

Dont blame them really having a private place. All the british, germans and spanish do is come to Latvia for cheap beer and sex. I am ashamed to be british when I hear about how we molest the women overhere. Sadly us british think we are better then anyone else because of the british empire.

great Ethan - New York! tell them about what turist does in NYC, and about the fact NYpeople cannot go out and have their own place, because NY is in all movie....go latvia, go baltics!!! and think out of the box or go back to USSR!!!

I don't think that in my country (Italy) or in any other european country there is a place forbidden to foreigners. I expected this kind of stuff in the old USSR....

Any foreign girls ever tried to get in there? (with or without local guys)

Why would you go to this bar knowing they won't let you in? I am Latvian who is sick and tired of foreigners grabbing asses of local girls. There should be a place for us only! Where we can enjoy and relax without non-latvians. Come on guys, you have spoiled the reputation of so many clubs and bars in Riga.Enough! We don't want you there and I am happy that this place exists.

I have been to Latvia over a dozen times. I tried entering this place twice once with 2 girls and other time with 3 local girlfriend. They still dint let me in. They said the place is for Locals no tourist allowed. Latvia is in EU but the locals mentality is very closed , Latvians are country bounties. Ofcourse local latvians guys dont want to compete with tourist , since most tourist specially from italy , spain , greeks etc do romantic wonders in picking up local girls , there is no way a cold , shy , boring latvian - russian man will be able to pick up local girls without getting drunk. Talking abt sex tourism. Women specially from baltic states and russia they travel abroad to have some tourism + sex + fun, since there are so few men in these countries most women hardly meet men when they are back in their countries. Most of these women wanna have fun. Jus becoz local guy are boring , shy latvians + Allien Citizen (Russian) are not able to seduce women and tourist do . Its not tourist fault. Both men & women have biological needs and it needs to be satisfied mutually.Regarding drunk people i have traveled all over the world i have never seen people more drunk then latvian , russian , Scandinavians. Specially amount of drunk fight are huge in eastern europe and russia. Most nationals from other countries dont drink as much as latvians or russian . So dont give us this crap of drunk tourist. When locals are pro drinkers.So my tourist friends let the coyote fly be for locals, the moment the girls step out of the club the tourist take them away :) haha

In 2008 when Coyote was not so crowded we germans have been in there often. I think it was winter and also in spring. It never was a problem but later end of 2008 no chance anymore. There were enough LV people in and so they dont need us anymore. But i understand, its only place where LV can be alone without very often drunk and sex searching tourists (men).Some years before a club went down because of too many tourists. It was the wonderful Pupu Lounge. Tourists were claping girls ass... and so no LV girls went there. This was the end of a really nice place :(THe same should not happen to Coyote !

My friend got turned away at the door because they said they 'don't let Jews in', another friend was called a gypsy, and non-latvians are clearly not welcome and they let you know it. This club is racist and not even worth the effort. I hope this place gets shuts down.
RIYP Editor

Basically, we have a review for this club for two reasons: 1. As a warning to tourists and expats that it's probably not worth the effort. 2. For the Latvian diaspora from the States, UK, Australia, etc that might want to check it out and that will probably be let in.I agree that it could very well be a racist policy, but I also think that Latvians crave a place in their city that they can call their own. When the first wave of stag parties hit Riga many clubs lost their local clientele because women got tired of being hit on by drunks from abroad with one thing on their mind.In my opinion, nobody should lose any sleep over not getting into this place. There are plenty of cool places to check out in Riga. Just give it a pass and don't give them the satisfaction of denying you entry.

In reply to comments about this venue being Latvian only that is totally untrue. Judgement is made on your skin colour before you get to the doorman.There are coloured Latvians which are also not allowed to enter under no circumstances.I don't know what Latvians call that but in England its called racism and against EU law. They should think about that before they get sued..Disgraceful

I cannot see the point in you advertising this place to tourists as they do not allow foreigners in. Being black female I have been humiliatingly rejected in the line waiting to get in on numerous occasions. When I asked why they said its because I am foreign. I actually live and work here for the past year and find the whole experience very degrading especially for 2009.

Sex tourists... I just arrived home from a weekend stay with some fellow students. We just went to Riga, because we didn't know the place. I've been to Tallin once and i thought Riga was quite te same. NOT!!! Here, Local barowners and their runner guys and girls are making a sextourist of all tourists!!The one you should blame as a local are not the tourists only, but the one who is abbusing the fact there are tourists.I am from Holland and i advice you to go to Amsterdam. There are also locals who have to deal with drunk, stoned, high, oversexed people ALL THE TIME! Therefor you are a capital city and you should get used to it!I had a perfect stay in a very interesting Riga. Not everyone was as friendly in shops, restaurants and bars. But i am glad there are some people who understand that it is also the year 2009 in Riga, in which we are living.Bars and clubs to recommend: Music Bar, Mad House, Club Essential, Jack Daniels pub and La Rocca

Im latvian myself and I think the main reason for this " latvians only policy " is because this is one of the clubs where hangs around many offsprings of loaded latvian millionaires.Obviously these designer clad girls doesnt want be bothered by sex tourists , neither boys want to be rivalled by foreigners.

So for Latvians only. I like it! I'm not Latvian and never been but it is nice to see a place with the backbone to stick by their convictions. Keep it up and don't let people change you with their whining

at least one place where horny sex tourists are not allowed to enter!the best bar in latvia!

Guys, it's not racist, it's just that it's impossible to find a place in Riga where you can see/hear local people, especially in Old Riga - i'm a latvian living abroad, and when i come to Riga whereever i go - foreigners, foreigners, foreigners...somebody invented this concept and gave it a try, so it's just one place - and there are really plenty of other places for you to enjoy, so don't be so bitter :))
James Lewis

Racist bullshit club... wouldn't recommend. Don't understand the standards(Latvian only). I'm a Human Resources Director and probably make 3 or 4 times what most of the patrons make however I wasn't allowed to enter. Then why have the site in english? Latvia/Riga is a nice country/city but still signs of the old time mentality.
Jean-Philippe Samedi

I tried to go there with my latvian girlfriend. Said good evening in latvian and they did not let me in ... just go spend your money somewhere else.

DOnt go to Coyote fly , they only allow latvians and russians. Or If you are white and pale. Definitly no italian & spanish or Asian allowed. Club looks very small and nothing great.

Go with a local and keep your mouth shut.. Worth seeing just to see. The "Rumor" is TRUE 100%.. but, if you can fake enough Russian or Latvian with a buddy as a guide then it is worth it. Like an upclass Coyote Ugly.

Incredible, at the phone or at the door, they tell you the place is only for latvians, DO NOT GO THERE, WASTE OF TIME!

Great PlaceI am foreigner, but could enter. Not many people but great music, and excellent service (Layla and her team)DJ very good

Coyote Bar is not open for tourists ! No chance to go in ! Security will send you away !Also not with Latvians, but maybe with girls !
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