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Krušovice Sporta bārs

 Kaļķu 22 Riga Latvia     08 Nov 2016

The city's most infamous rip-off joint has yet again changed its name, this time to Krušovice Sporta bārs. Do not be lured in by its beer selection, flat screen TVs showing sports or young girls in its employ who inexplicably find you attractive. To quote Dante: 'Abandon all hope, ye who enter here'. Avoid this place like the plague.



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i am flying to Riga for business Friday and going to be there for a week alone, after reading all those stories I am not sure where to hang out, I am originally from Europe and respectful of countries monuments and people of course, but why should a single man should worry if he would like to charm a woman without disrespecting her of course !! So please anyone from Riga I am looking forward to your suggestions if I just want to go out and have a drink,
Akso Girtu
I am also one of victims of those scams, unfortunately. Two girls first asked me an information, then wanted me to walk them in this bar. Anyway a good news is that there is a legal action starting against the bar, there is also a campaign to support it: https://www.causes.com/campaigns/87582-stop-tourist-scams-in-riga-latvia
Stay away from this place, if you can spit on their windows. They are all criminals doing scams as profession. http://wikitravel.org/en/Riga#Stay_safe
Luca P. Gentile
Gent, Belgium
Those people that says: "stupid, idiot tourists" etc... defending this criminal system: I wish to you, once you go to a city with more criminality than Riga, to get Robbed, Agressed and spoiled up completely by locals, like this you would understand the sensation. For honest people, my warnings about Riga nightlife: CAUTION TO BARS & WOMEN pay attention in the area of the "Freedom Monument" by night: - LIVU laukums(square) ; - KALKU iela(street), especially number 22; There are places where often WOMEN APPROACH you quite easily in the street (or inside the bar) and propose you to drink. Those bars are ruled by organized crime, the will eventually try to: - Make you PAY EXTREMELY high BILLS, give the incorrect change and even in some cases force you to take money out on your bank card/credit card, stealing eventually the codes of the latter; - Drug you and STEAL ALL you have (eventually shoes and glasses too); - AGGRESS you if you complain; Calling police can be helpful, it may help against aggressions, but they will not do more, they are all aware of the situation, but don't stop the crime from the roots, there are some reason maybe why police don't act strongly against those bars. Pay extra attention if you are ALONE or DRUNK. More informations: http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Europe/Latvia/Riga_Region/Riga-440232/Warnings_or_Dangers-Riga-TG-C-1.html
I have been in Riga last summer. It is a wonderful city. If you are stupid and if you are looking for a problem in every city in the world you can have trouble. In Riga ofcourse there are pubs and night clubs to suck the money of the stupids. And it is very well known that western europeans are just like an aquarium fish for the eastern europeans. If there were no western tourist in Riga there would be no mafia to sucks the stupids money. because there are not enough idiot in Riga. By the way Latvians just allow some idiots to piss the monument in Riga... They took the stupid's money so they just allow them to piss... at least they will have a story to tell their friends and granddaughters ...otherwise what they would talk about when they go back to London? about how they lost their last money for a cup of cheap wine? or they will tell how their d**k didnt work well ) ... I know some Latvians are also sh***ing in front park of the queen palace in london. This is really not acceptable !! )

I was recently in Krakow heading back to my hotle late at night. In the market square two pretty girls approached me and suggested I go with then to a local bar. I was weary and not intoxicated but decided to chance it and fancied some company. I don't know for sure what bar it was but looks like the chinese style place on Tomasza (using google street view). It had two wooden framed glass doors. Inside we were (surprisingly)the only three present. A burly guy washing glasses behing bar and female waitress. the girls ordered three cocktails then we were asked for 460 Zt. The girls were about to pay half but I smelled a scam. Since I had already taken a 'sip' I need to escape pretty quick. I stood up and threw 10 Zt on the table and swiftly made it back out onto the street. It was a lucky escape . I just want more tourists to be awre of this trick.
Another sad story happened to me lost my friends ended up in a bar where they charged my visa lost a total amount of over 1000eurosbe aware!!!!!
Well all of this definitely is true. Luckily there are still many places (i mean clubs pubs bars) in Riga's Old city. When visiting Riga's old city you should ask for such places like "Domu laukums" "Livu laukums" cuz there are many open-air bars with live music you should also visit LIDO De puta madre bar etc.. There are soo many pubs there (without sluts that just want to suck your money out of you).Even regular disco clubs like RA Essential PUSH etc. don't have such high prices)Riga is still a good city. You just have to know the right places ! Good luck!
Manhattan, sorry but that's nonsense. So people deserve to be robbed because they go to Latvia to have a good time? What a bad attitude you have. Price of a bottle of wine in a normal bar in Riga will start from 11 lats, usually 16-20 for wine of okay quality. Lord pub cheats tourists by charging them 150 lats!
Once I worked in the ''Lord Pub'' asd ADMIN, and I can tell you, guys, if somebody was kicked, than ONLY because was total drunk or have touched or tried to hit the girls! Nr 1! And if you´re going to some other country and having no idea about it, why do you never ask the menu card? Just to show how cool you are? Which idiot don´t look the prices? Are you going to buy a TV without looking on price? Even a bottle of wine in a simple bar can cost more that you have in your pocket! And everybody knows that Latvia is corrupt. If somebody goes there to see the country, he´s not going around at night total drunken and not searching for the adventures! But when you go there for get a hot experiences - they will get you same! If you are going to LV just because of prostitutes or partys, for pissing on our monument of liberty and puke in the bars and on the street, you have deserved to be rubbed. But if you have a respect of yourselves and of this country, you are welcome. In all this Bars once (2 years ago) works 1 presept - Don´t rub from a normal persons who respect you. But if somebody offend you or our home - take the last, because he have deserved it. And even if I think that this is a dirty, sad and very bad business, the founders are making a lot of money for LV on you, disrespecktful people!
Hi, I recommend to all not to Saxon bar. A friend of mine was asked to pay €1300 for just one drink. Obviously, he hadn't got all the money with him, he only got €400. When he began to protest against the esagerated bill, he was beaten up by four bouncers. He got a serious head injury. When he went to the police they told him to go back with them to the club or they can do nothing. Incredible.
I think you all are stupid, because every place, where you go, you must to ask before price list. Why you cry now? This is your experience. This problem have in many states in the world. So, be more smart.
Im traveling to riga tomorrow with couple my friends.. Im looking forward to it... lol
i am absolutly terrorfied to be quite honest after reading these reviews and am due to arrive in riga for a week on a college trip. most of my class have read the reviews and we are pretty worried but intending to go for studying and historical sight seeing . still the thought of these gypsys treating tourists like this is unreal.i shall post a review on my return , hopefully it wont be as terrorfying as the rest.

carry a gun and sh**t the mother f**kers, i will go to riga next week and try this dump..
I agree with Andis. It`s not like anyone forced you to go to these clubs/bars and buy something. You did it yourself! If you want to order the cheapest champaign, then do so, but if you don`t then do not arrgue for ordering the most expensive.We have nice people here too, just don`t follow sluts you see on streets. Try for example club Essential. It has it`s issues with drugging people sometimes, but it`s much safer than La Rocca or Babylon.
Oh my god, cant believe this. Me and 3 friends were in Krakow Poland and we got scammed by 3 girls - they took us to a bar near the Rynek (main square) called SAXONS - tried to get 2,000 polish money for 3 drinks.We called police - ended up paying for our 3 drinks 180 and managed to get out alive..Look out for Lithuanian Girls in Krakow Poland and DONT GO TO SAXONS BAR - IN ul. sw. Tomasza
Just got back from a weekend in Riga and I can believe all the stories, although luckily none of us got scammed as badly as that. Might have helped that there were 10 of us - I wouldn't have fancied my chances if there were just one or two of us.We had heard some worrying stories before going and so were very careful when going into bars or if any girls came to sit with us and made sure we were very clear if any extortionate prices were involved. We still got charged a few rounds of 20 or 30 LATS per drink - which is ludicrous for anywhere let alone a regular bar in Riga - but thankfully none of the absolutely enormous prices some people here have been stung for. I ended up spending 450 LATS in restaurants, clubs and bars in just 2 nights - and, before you ask, that wasn't on strippers or prostitutes! I'd only expected to spend about 150 LATS.One local girl I was chatting to suggested a "water pipe" - i.e. the middle eastern things for smoking tobacco - and the price was going to be 50 LATS. I just laughed and said no way and that you probably wouldn't pay more than 5 or 10 LATS in London for the same thing. But they accepted that rather than trying to make me pay anyway.Riga was a lovely place in many ways (the beach down at Jurmala was great and Old Riga is beautiful) but the tourist rip offs make it far too expensive to return - I wouldn't go again. I've no idea why it's so popular for stag parties (we were a stag party but a reasonably mature and sedate party) as with transport and accomodation, we spent about GBP 800 each - for a weekend - I've never spent so much! And I've been on lots of similar weekend breaks to cities across Europe, including the ones you expect to be expensive.
not sure if it's completely dead - it was closed today, but it's now called 'Royal'

This same shit happened to me and my mate. We were on our way back to hotel and it was around 4am. Then met 3 "Lithuanianian" girls who asked the way to Sky Bar. Told em that is closed lol, and then we all "decided" to go for a one to the nearest bar. Who would of guessed but we soon found ourselves from the infamous LORD PUB ordering a bottle of red wine. Had some nice chatting with the girls and bartender kept bringing shots to the table w/o ordering anything. Finally after 3 shots the bartender came with a bill telling its time to pay our drinks. LOL, the bill was over 800 lats, wine 540 lats + shots 300 lats or so. OK, now we found out that we got scammed big time, by these 3 "Lithuanian" girls. Then we just simply refused to pay the shit and the girls + bartender started shouting. Finally after some really nice convo, threatening and bargaining we managed to lower the bill down to 40 lats. So we paid it. Total price for the wine and 6 shots (plus the ones those scammer girls drank)dropped from 540 lats to 40 lats =) Just to mention there was only one "gorilla"... sitting quiet watching us argueing. Lucky us he was alone.. I guess.
In the good old days, circa 1998, Lord's pub, aka Groks, was an ok place, a dirty little crowded bar packed with hot russian chicks and stupid bozos downstairs, with greasy seating and menu upstairs. Not a bad place, and the worst you could expect was to be pick-pocketed downstairs or a friendly girl would drug your drink and take you wallet. It's gotten much worse today, violently brutal at times, so by all means avoid the place. Avoid ANY place that you are invited to by the girls walking around inviting you in, or by the young idiots handing out pamphlets. If you're looking for trouble, this is the place you'll find it. Stay away!
Places like the ones you guys are talking about give this country a bad name and I feel sorry for that as a person who works in tourism. The thing is - no true Latvian ever goes to these Lord Pub or Roxy types. They are crap anyway and every normal person knows it. When I go abroad, I usually research beforehands....if I plan to go out, that is.
Lord Pub aka Groks is a reflection of the corrupt criminal environment which Latvia actually is.It is really disgusting and one must ask why is this place open for so long.what are the police and local politicians doing about this criminal behavior?
Well Latvian Andis, be proud of your city.. and the consumation, you seem as a person that you are just moved into Riga from a small village, a person who works into these pimp bars, a person who give the flyers in the street of old riga or just a person who supports all this unleagal activity because your friends are working in these places and trying to rape all possible pockets of tourists!!!Riga is the last city that still for somehow consumation is still exist that according to the laws is quite unleagal to pick up clients from the streets. So poor Andis how was you last weekend you managed to take some money from any tourists that they are supproting economicly quite nicely Latvia with their visit here.. and from the other side, people like you are trying to take them to these holes and offering them some better evening.. feeling sorry for you.. why you do not try to go abroad a little bit to see other countries and life style...poor Andis...
I am really surprised about all of you. If you follow girls who invite you to bar, what ELSE you can expect, but that they are a) hookers; b) you are being ripped off; in any country in the world!!!Other thing, how can you order anything anywhere without first seeing price list?Interesting thing is, that people who visit Latvia for cultural activities (museums, festivals, opera and a like) do not complain. And they visit a lot. If you are visiting for whores and drinking, then expect this shitty attitude and I think, that this will not change anytime soon...Personally I don't have any problems with tourists who are coming to TOUR, but I really dislike people who are coming to DRINK and F**K around and very much local people shares this attitude.Cheers!
Mr. Miller
Umm.. read a lot of comments... no wonder you get riped off, you all seem to be completley naive and [pardon] dumb. You dont think at all, like monkeys following a girl with a banana into a cage... Use some common sense and you should be allright. But cab drivers fkn suck. Coz mostley they are russians...
Mike, you posted about getting ripped off in "Eight Beauty" bar. I've also unfortunately had the same thing happen, though sadly for considerably more than 400 lats :-( I intend to persue it further. Could you please drop me an email at nb_uk1@yahoo.com as any info you might be able to help me with about the place would be useful.
Never bring your own car to Riga or Latvia.Even with all precautions possible the likelihood of it being stolen is so big.The best decision for yourself would not ever visit Latvia or Riga. Local Police is with big likelihood hooked with organized crime.
By living 5 years in riga, I can honestly tell you that this the biggest ...... in Europe and probably not only. Women here if they come through internet site they will not necessary publish their own photo, they will ask a lot of (zz, usually)telephone credit that you can send it by sms to them before agree for an meeting that it will never come, they will ask you to come somewhere in adress thas is not the real home adress and the last moment they will ask you to find a shop to buy tel credit before meeting you and when you buy and if you will make the mistake to sent it in front to them they will dissappear.. sites as ss.lv, inbox.lv having so much of these false adds and these sites they dont care to do something for it by blogging the ip adress in time and if they will do something they will never provide you with any info that you can reach these persons and what is funny here is that these sites are not havening any adress or telephone that you can reach them!! The consumation in old riga that authorities don t really care about "innocent" student type girls (which work wihout any contract)the ones which will pick you from the street for a better fun evening program to many ...holes that you need to pay 40ls for a fruitsalad that cost normallly 3ls, for a drink 35ls normally price 4ls and so on.. you have to pay even if you dont buy nothing as you only sit with the girl in table or bar.. these are true examples which I have seen personally and till this day never payed not even a sigle cent even if police come in place!! About these cases only 5-10% have been registered to police so the real amount of all these false cases are many many thousands per year. Been travelling and staying in many countries cause of my work but Riga is really something just in the top. If you will meet a normal girl it is not necessary the one what it seems like, if you dont speak latvian or russian "game is over" for you unfortunately even for taxes also that they can charge you up to 130 euros for 200meters route!! About the guys which their work is to take you to the bar with flyers and you will in one hour everyhting what you have in your pocket and in your bank account but however local police have been victims of situations like these but they don t care to check contracts of the personnel of these "bars". Here we dont need to calculate how many many girls they require from a drink and then they will dissappear with your wallet or mobile and if they will come till your hotel you can forget everyhting valuable what you have.. have not personally never loosed any personal stuff.. but there are so many many these people which I have seen them in the streets thinking what to do with no money.. good thing is thát with the increasement of night clubs in 2009 the bad will not be able to pass through everywhere in these places but as long time you are in old city,avoid any visit there from 21-08:00 do not carry passport and credit cards with you and measure the alcohol consumption in public places for better and enjoyable holiday. I personally hit many of these guys with the flyers after warning them in advance two and three times that I dont need any of these times places but they kept disturbing me and my company.. but then came the day that nobody was disturbing me anymore.. expecially when I start speaking the local language..and keep dressing in local style.. !This is what is surpising me that Estonia and Lithuania are more honest countries and they are just neghbours. So if you wish to meet a girl for something serious, try another city at least 50km from Riga.Here is just 1% of all info what I have but enough at least for this moment. Need to go back to work.Wish you luck.
IN Lord Pub ALL THE DRINK ARE SXTREMILY EXPENSIVE. THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE. EXCEPT THAT THEY OPEN EVEN OPEN DURING THE WEEKE, LIKE OTHERS STRIP CLUBS( EVEN SOME OF THEM OFFER STRIP UGLY DANCER FOR SEX (for sex 120 Lat TO 180 Lats) FOR TOPLESS DANCE will cost you(50 Lats to 80 lats). To but a drink for lady will cost you min 25 lats. Plus you also have to pay intry fee in all those clubs. I wisited Riga last week, emd up spending 700lats in three nights. The hotel Reval Latvija is very reasionably prices for coctails in beautiful coctail bar, has nice lounge bar and restaurant. All are very very reasonable, and they realy serve you very good food.But down in the old Town at night time most of the clubs and bars are extremily expensive. All those including prostitute, massager places pays commision to boys, girls and taxi drivers and whores, you meet or see them will aproach to tourist in friendly ways to direct them to those places premises. These like falmmes, VIP Club, and been in others are a lot more expensive then western europe. I did not even see any reasionable attractive girls, even after visiting and viewing so many places. I did not enen involved myself in any massage, sex, or pay for strip dance, still cost me. 700 Lats (100 Euro = 70 lats). thats does not include price of hotel, and travel expences.
Lord Pub is Groks with a new name due to the bad publicity. Still the same rip-offs though.
T will advice every forighner to avoid this bar. They have recruit hooker to will look at you, and will try to pursuade to to get into this bar. These girls and boys will follow you are payed commision for to get drink for yourself and for them. Most of the stripped clubs, Pubs, Prostitute, massage palours, have liked in the old town to lookmfor forigher to pursusde then or them in their premisess are payed commission by those Places. These places charge to to much for each drinks and other services, like just taking to giyls, or girlas bring you in with then, like you will think. you have met her like you meet in others countries. These girls. You will end up paying for a cheap bottle of wine arround 300 lats, aeven fpr a single coctail will cost yoy 50 lats.
Ceriel Ostermann
We met a couple girls on the street who said they were from Russia and on holiday in Riga. They asked us if we knew a good bar in town and when we passed this bar they proposed to have a drink there. We agreed and ordered a beer. The girls wanted a bottle of wine and later and to smoke the water pipe. Suddenly there was a box with chocolates on our table and we got some shots of vodca. Later the girls wanted to order a new bottle, but the waitress asked us first to pay the bill. 750 Lat!! That is more than 1000 EUR!!! The stupid wine they ordered was like 350 Lat, the water pipe that usually costs around 15 EUR, was 200 Lat (280 EUR), and the chocolates they put on our table costed around 100 Lat!After we were shocked by those prices the stupid girls told us this was normal in Russia and if the wine was expensive for us, we could also get a bottle of champagne because that was cheaper!We finally paid the bill since I have heard some nasty stories about tourists refusing to pay this.
Fiona Drummond
Our first evening in Riga and we should have read 'Riga in your pocket' beforehand! Drinks were over priced here! We thought maybe typical of Riga until we went onto a restaurant nearby!We did not stay because of the price of the drinks we had so we did not find out what this 'Pub'has on offer!?! There seemed to be some buxom lasses around wearing very nice tops to show off their assetts and we noticed a second bar to the back where there was advertised a disco and what maybe have been a pole dancing bar on the bar there! Also the view of black curtains drawn back which maybe would entice you to go there later! We passed by this Pub over several days and nothing seemed to be happening there!Travellers tip for visitors to Riga....this is not 'A Pub' in the British sense of that word!
I´m not sure if this a same bar, but i was ripped of also by 400 lats from my visa card in Eight Beauty bar Kalku, not a sex bar jus an ordinary lounge like. Invited by two girls, i buy them 2 glass of wine, a good price tag. Beware of the place
Just another tourist
Just came from Riga, be very careful with "Studenty-type of girls"! They are too good to be true. I was lucky because I did read this webpage before our trip.We met a few girls in a bar (Sorry, can't remeber the name, it was on the right side of the steiku haoss behind the small confectionery. They had pool tables etc.) [Melnais Kaķis].The girls were like "we don't go out much, but there's a good bar around the corner called Saxon, would you like to come there with us?". We of course said no. My friend asked some locals what they think about those two girls and what they told was "Sometimes life can get quite expensive". So please, be careful, and use cash instead of a credit card.
Carlito, Marco and Paul
This story also happened to us. My friends and me wanted to have a drink and we met 2 girls who proposed us to get into the club. The girls ordered a bottle of shitty wine (casillero del diablo, chardonnay 2006). They also asked some typical Latvian shots twice (fucking shitty). I asked the bill and we were supprised about the price (270 lats, thhe wine is 230). In the samee time one of the girl asked for a second bottle of wine. We checked the menu and were amazed about all prices. We didn't look for trouble so we paid the bill and started to go but the 3 barmaids who were there asked us to pay for the second bottle. We were arguing because we didn´t order this bottle. We saw 2 doormen waiting downstairs that´s why we decided to pay it. we finished this shit quickly and left this awful place. Finally we lost 750 €.We hope that it will not happen to you.LLL
I live in Riga,i think you all should write samething to Latvian customer centr,because they rob you.
They didn't finished yet!!I have been there with two friends last weekend. We were on our way to the hotel but one of my friends was talked into this place by two girls. For a bottle of wine and 2 beers we paid an amount of 280 lats! I have to admit that the wine was very nice but not worth the money ;-) One of my friends and I aren't that small but we decided to pay without arguing. I don't think you want to have trouble there and get involved with the police because they are all corrupt! My colleague who I met later in the evening and lives in Latvia also told me that the bar is owned by the Mafia so it's better to stay out! Due to this accident I have to say that I liked Riga. There are beautiful clubs and women but don't expect they are searching for Western European guys! They had their portion in the last few years I believe so.
Rip-off prices,don't go Lord Pub it cost us 280 lets that is 400 eurogo to other country
same here, 2 girls, seemingly being normal order a bottle of wine...and 2 beers for us; 300 Lats....

Don't know what all the fuss about Groks is... it used to be my local & I'd sit there for hours drinking a beer. Maybe all the adverse comments here are directed a the club downstairs????
I am one in the endless row of those scammed at Groks. The prices they charge are indeed according to the menu, but they are extroardinary for the drink the girls pay. So, for example, while wine may be listed at 4 euros, champagne which the girls order is 40 euros and hidden somewhere among the menu and by the time you get to the cash till the bodyguard appears at the door. If it ever opens I'm willing to go back and help closing it again, no matter how much effort would be needed for this.
Groks was closed but will surely open again. Stay the hell out of it and these places:Groks, Roxy, Pink Panter, Mary, Mademoiselle, Cigar Bar, Casino 777, Angelica, Barfly, Zephyr, Dolls House, Nobu... and the list goes on...
It was closed last saturday. I mean shut down forever :)
fuck you all, piece of crap-sex tourists, and ocupants!
I am real sorry to hear all this stuff about my city.. as a local boy I can assure you..THIS PLACE IS ONE-OFF..
In addition to all the other warnings given here:1) Ask for a price list always. Words are nothing when you are going to the police later.2) If you are cheated in such kind of a place (there are several of them: Groks, Pink Panter, Mary, Mademoiselle, Nobu, etc), don't pay! These are relationships between customer and service provider, which, here in Latvia, are regulated by civil law. And the only thing that service provider can do - go to civil court, which will never be done by the owners of these places.3) Call the police. Be sure to ask for Central Police Station. These people know about the place, and know what to do.4) Be calm, security monkeys can beat you, and you won't be able to do anything because you're probably leaving in couple of days.(Weeks are needed to process the place)5) Never ever give your card to the staff. Better say, you don't have it at all. Check the amounts they are charging you. Ask for the receipt. Cancel the card as soon as you are out of the place. More money can be charged later.6) If you are let to go for the money to the hotel and one of the monkeys is following you - stay at the hotel reception, and call the police from there. 7) If you friend is held in the bar, and you should go and bring the money to pay - call the police ASAP, and together with the police go for your friend.8) Any questions you have about this kind of places in Riga - email.

Went there and it looked very dodgy full of old guys & young girls/prostitutes. We ordered 4 bottles of beer and were charged 17 Ls. I was aggressive but polite with the barman and told him to show me the price in the menu which he did, so we paid. After that the girls & pimp ignored us the entire time during which we saw a bloke getting charged 175 Ls for buying A drink for a girl.There was 6 of us and only 3 males working in the place (I looked over the entire place including the toilets to make sure there were no nasty suprises) including the pimp/bouncer so we knew there probably would not be any trouble. We saw a couple of cops come in to get their back handers.We did not get ripped but still left after the 1st drink. Very, very dodgy - avoid completely.
F Brown
A group of 8 of us went into Groks as it was the first bar we came to in the square. Before we knew it we were split up and forced to pay money. 1 person had 4 security guys force him to give PIN number for card and they took 1400 GBP. I lost 1488 GBP and the rest of the guys were about 900. 1 of the group who actually made it out got pepper sprayed in the face and then all cards and cash taken. Never ever go to Groks. I will never return to Riga again....
Had I read this before I went to Riga!!! We visited this shithole 2 weeks back and a friend of mine ordered a bottle of wine and was FORCED to pay over 200euros of it. Prior to this I had ordered 1 bacardicola. Imagine the horror when I checked my balance and noticed that this particular drink cost me 330euros!!! This is criminal!!! How can it be that no one can put a stop to this? Personally, I will make sure that every travel/restaurant site in Europe will have a negative review on this place!
This place call Groks is a really shit they stole me 500Lats with the credit card...I go to the police and they told me that they cant do anything. Is really a piti that this countri have this kind of people.
Wish I had read this page before... On Sunday 25th May, I was having a quiet drink in the adjacent Roxy nightclub waiting for my wife to return from the airport. When she phoned to tell me she was on my way, I went to fetch my jacket from the cloakroom. There were two girls talking with the attendant. I had two bits of plastic in my pocket: one my hotel key fob, the other the cloakroom token. I accidentally gave the attendant the door fob. When he returned it, one of the girls grabbed it. I asked for it back, but they both walked away. I (stupidly) followed them asking for it back as they walked into the street and then into the infamous Groks 'back room'. There, before I knew it, they had ordered 2 glasses of sparkling wine. Magically, the hotel fob appeared in my jacket pocket, replaced surreptitiously. I asked for the bill, anxious to leave quickly to rejoin my wife and with as little fuss as possible. The barmaid prepared a bill for 92 Lats (that's US$200!). I said I wouldn't pay and immediately a security monkey appeared from the shadows wielding handcuffs. They told me I had to pay or they would keep me there all night, all the next day and the night after. Then they began to make threats: the girls would say that I offered them money for sex (I didn't), they were underage, I was a sex tourist, I was a paedophile, I would go to jail..the girls said it was better for me if I paid. I refused. Then the guy started to punch me. Then he pushed me hard against the wall and onto the floor. All the time shouting aggressively. I remained calm despite the provocation, not responding with violence or raised voice. I tried to negotiate, offering 30 Lats - still an outrageous amount and handing over 29 Lats (all the small money I had - I didn't reckon being given change).The bar maid slapped me hard in the face and then stamped using her stiletto heel on my foot, punching a neat hole in my shoe leather. Then she kicked me. All the time they tried to manoeuvre me out of sight (I realised later) of the video surveillance so they could hit me with impunity. At one point I managed to call my wife by phone and ask her to fetch the police. After 30 minutes of beating, threats and intimidation I was allowed to leave. The police were just arriving in 2 vehicles and I led them back into the bar and identified the 'security' guy. He was taken to the police station in one vehicle and myself and my wife in another. There it was suggested that I withdraw my complaint, but was allowed to write a witness statement and pursue the matter. At one point I noticed a policeman at the station greeting and shaking the hand of the security guy - which didn't instil confidence. The Groks administrator turned up with video footage which was reviewed at fairly high speed. Predictably, they had managed to manoeuvre me into a corner which the camera didn't cover, so there was little evidence of the violence (apart from on my body and clothes). After about two hours we went back to the hotel after first checking that the violent guy would remain at the station to allow us to get away safely and avoid further assault. The police sent me to a police clinic to have my wounds documented. I haven't heard anything since, but I will go back if required to try to help avoid this scam being perpetuated against innocent visitors. If after reading all the comments here, you insist on visiting this pit, try to stay standing in the middle of the dancefloor (covered by video) - you might avoid a beating. But you are unlikely to avoid a fleecing and a thoroughly unpleasant experience. This place should be closed down and the criminals who run it locked away.
yep, we're fcuked as well at that bar......a nice lady "tries" to be friendly to you (didn't look like a hooker though) but for real belongs to "the crew" that rips you off. Never ever give your credit card to them to pay for drinks, only cash money and ask upfront what it costs.
We made the same mistake and bought a bottle of wine for 2 poor students (probably hookers). We had to pay 168 LATS for that bottle of wine.We were f-cked, you could say. Say no to Groks bar
Under no circumstances should you even think about visiting this pub, Groks. On New Years Eve a group of us (14 people) made this mistake. We paid to go to the 'disco' at the back. When we entered it was empty, except for a group of about 10 prostitutes, who immediately assaulted the women in our group (slapped across the face !!). I assume they only wanted men in this so-called 'disco'. Very dangerous place in a very dangerous city !!!
I wish I had known about this place before I went to Riga. On our last night my friend and I said we'd pop in here for a drink as it didn't look like a lap-dancing bar or strip joint. We ordered a pint of beer each and then approached by 2 studenty-type of girls who seemed pleasant enough, my friend and I felt a bit sorry for them as they told us all about the economic situation in Latvia etc. They then invited us to join them in the Disco bar in the back part of the bar. We offered to buy them a drink and even asked the waitress how much it was and she said 'thirteen eight' which I took to mean 13 lats 18 santimas which would be about 20 euro but when my friend tried to pay for it she pointed to the menu and lo and behold it was 138 lats (something got lost in translation i think) I went ballistic and wanted to fight my way out but my friend got nervous and pleaded with me to calm down as we'd end up in jail (apparently the cops are in on the hustle) in the end we paid so let this be a warning to anyone going to Riga (which I wouldn't recommend anyway) to stay away from this hole called Groks and don't feel sorry for any of the Latvian women who all seem to be part-time hookers out to fleece the tourists!!!!!
E Yaakadi
Don't buy a metre of tequila - about E100! Big Red Army guy will take you to cashpoint or demand passport & credit card.
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