Rogla & Pohorje

Rogla & Pohorje


The idyllic region surrounding Rogla-Pohorje may not have made it onto the holiday itineraries of most as of yet, but that is all about to change. The greener-than-green surroundings and fascinating mosaic of history, culture and humanity that can be found here will tick all of the boxes of most visitors, making Rogla-Pohorje a secret waiting to be uncovered.

Slovenske Konjice, Zreče, Rogla, Oplotnica and Vitanje make up the guide you currently have in your hands, five destinations that each offer a little bit of something for everyone. Slovenske Konjice is the biggest town here but don’t let that mislead you - this is a relaxed community centre perfect for relaxation. The nearby Žiče Charterhouse could well be the dictionary definition of tranquility.

Zreče and Rogla almost come hand in hand. Once upon a time this was a small village of little interest, but one man’s vision and enthusiasm led to an industry created and a town re-born. Wellness and skiing fanatics will find themselves in their element here, a wonderful juxtaposition of high octane excitement and slow composure.

Oplotnica and Vitanje may be equally small in comparison but both pack a mighty punch - Oplotnica is home to one of our favourite parks, whilst Vitanje brings an old-time charm that literally sits next to one of Europe’s most forward thinking institutions in the shape of KSEVT.

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