Welcome to Saransk

Saransk is a town of myths and legends, with a chequered past and big plans for the future. Remembering his trip to Saransk, Leo Tolstoy wrote in 1906: “Old pines with long trunks and short crowns. The soil is black, and a little stony… Backwoods. The Sura River, and the best sturgeon ever”.

Located in central Russia, Saransk is the capital of the Republic of Mordovia and the area where all Finno-Ugric nations began. Although not the most obvious choice for tourists, it is one of the most pleasant and beautiful cities in Russia, regularly scoring high in the All-Russia city competition in recent years. This relatively small city is actively promoting sports and has commenced construction of a new, state-of-the-art 40,000-seat football stadium.

Modern Mordovia carefully protects the unique languages and cultures of the Moksha and Erzya ethnic groups, who inhabited the area for centuries. They belong to the Finno-Ugrian group, along with the Hungarians, Finns, Estonians and others. Saransk is a frequent venue for ethnographic and folklore festivals aimed at preserving national identity, culture and customs.

Very modern and European looking streets are attracting thousands of tourists from all over the country. It combines historical buildings, fascinating sport objects, crowded malls and cozy parks. Saransk is home to many theaters, art galleries, historical places and museums. The whole bunch of bars, restaurants, parks, galleries, malls and night clubs will entertain anyone

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