Sevnica In Your Pocket

With one of Slovenia's most attractive and attraction-packed castles set on top of a small hill right in the centre of town, it would be easy to write off Sevnica as a single-faceted destination, one that makes headlines only for its status as Melania Trump's hometown. However, while there are not many other classic sights in the town centre, the municipality is full of worthwhile things to see and do - especially for those interested in wine tasting.

As both the starting point of the Bizeljsko-Sremiška wine road which meanders off through the hills to the north, and a major stop along the 64km Gornjedolenjska wine road to the south, a huge percentage of Sevnica's 280km² are covered in picturesque vineyards and there are countless wineries, wine cellars and tourist farms to visit. For those interested in outdoor sports, look no further than the nearly 1000m Lisca mountain located a short drive to the north. A popular place for hiking, cycling and even paragliding, at the top there is an excellent restaurant and guest house offering extraordinary views of the surrounding countryside.

The other main natural attraction is the river Sava itself, which takes its time to pass through the area and has several reservoirs that will delight visiting anglers. Of course most visits to Sevnica will begin in the old town centre, which is located beneath the castle slightly downriver from the newer part of town, where the bus and railway stations are located, and on the opposite bank of the river is Boštanj. This is home to a modern shopping centre and an attractive parish church
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