Škofja Loka

Škofja Loka In Your Pocket

One of the oldest settlements in Slovenia, Škofja Loka (Slovene for Bishop's Meadow) is a picture-perfect medieval town that is both one of the easiest and most rewarding day trips from Ljubljana. The incredibly well-preserved old town is the main attraction here, followed by the great museum collection contained in the enormous castle ensconced on the hill above. But the devil is in the details, as seemingly every building, bridge and alleyway in the old town has a story to tell, and it's well worth engaging a local guide through the tourist office to provide a more in-depth explanation of the town's intriguing history, culture and legends than we can fit within the following pages - you can also find out why the coat-of-arms somewhat bizarrely depicts an African man wearing a crown! In this section we've also included information on the nearby municipalities of Železniki, Gorenja Vas - Poljane and Žiri, which covers the area of the adjacent Poljanska and Selška valleys as well as the surrounding hills and mountains.
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