Škofja Loka

Gorenja Vas - Poljane


The central settlement in the Pojanska Valley, Gorenja Vas (which makes up half of the municipality of Gorenja Vas - Poljane) is roughly halfway between Škofja Loka and Žiri. For years it was a popular place to stop on the road from Vienna to Trieste, but saw much less traffic with the opening of the railway line in the middle of the 19th century, and was then burnt almost entirely to ground by children playing with fire in 1901.

Nowadays, with only some 1300 people calling the town home, there is not an overwhelming amount to see or do here, but it is probably the best place to organise a guided tour of the overgrown bunkers and fortifications that comprise Rupnik's Line. There's also one fine museum dedicated to photography - the Vlasta Photo Museum - and the Krvina Gallery, which exhibits and sells works by both Slovene and foreign artists.

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