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Covered with palm trees and blessed with a subtropical climate, Sochi is one of the best places to stay in Russia — especially if you like warm climates. Furthermore, the Black Sea city was the host of the Winter Olympics in 2014.

During summer temperatures in Sochi vary between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. The winters are mild: by the coast the temperatures are around 5-10 degrees, or even higher. In the mountains, where the ski resorts are located, temperatures are much lower in winter, and there you can enjoy a good ski holiday. Often there is snow and ice until May. However, mild winters, with a huge shortage of snow, can also happen.

It is the combination of beaches and mountains that make Sochi unique. 45km away from the Black Sea lies Krasnaya Polyana, a famous ski resort located at a height of 560 meters above sea level. The mountain tops have modern ski-facilities which reach heights of more than 2300 meters. Krasnaya Polyana has hosted the Olympic skiing, snowboarding and ski-jumping.​

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