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Big Sochi (or Great Sochi) is a truly giant agglomeration consisting of several districts. This is the longest city in Russia and the second longest on the planet. As much as 148 km along the Black Sea – only Mexico Сity is bigger.

Within Central Sochi, most distances can be overcome on foot. With an eye on the hilly landscape, of course. Other city districts are located at a considerable distance from each other, so it is better to use transport – city buses, mini-buses, taxi, and even electric trains sometimes.

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It is notable that in such a large city as Sochi there are no trolleybuses or trams. And even the Olympics did not affect their appearing. But there are many buses. Numbers from 1 to 99 are city buses, numbers from 100 and above serve suburban routes. Key stops are located near the Central Station, 'Novy Vek' shopping mall in Adler and at the airport. The fare in public transport in the city drawings is 22Rbl, and the price of travel between the districts of Big Sochi depends on the distance.


Marshrutka (mini-bus) is the main transport in Sochi. They duplicate numbers and almost completely repeat the routes of city buses, but go much more often. For comparison, the interval of large buses is 15 minutes and of minibuses is 5-10 minutes. The ride across the city costs 22Rbl, and its cost between Sochi districts depends on the distance.


Taxi is the most convenient way to travel across the city. But not in Sochi! Taxi is chaotic here. Taxi drivers all around the city (and especially at the airport) will definitely offer you inadequate prices for a ride. They also will pretend to be a real 'racers' while driving through dangerous serpentine. And forget about Highway Code.

Even extremely popular in Moscow and St. Petersburg mobile apps work with some nuances here. For instance, laid-back Sochi drivers may not take your order if it's too far to ride or you may get an ordinary economy class car instead of a comfort class you have ordered. We should note, however, that using apps is the only possible way to avoid Sochi’s annoying illegal cabbies (‘bombila’ in Russian). To protect yourself, book taxi or transfer in advance. There are some trusted companies: KiwiTaxi, Vash Transport and others.

Across Districts

Sochi districts lies far from each other, so if you want to roll out the slopes of Krasnaya Polyana in the morning, and drink a cup of tea with a sea view in the evening, you will have to learn some routes.

Buses or marshrutka:
№105 and 105с go from Sochi Center to Rosa Khutor, via airport.
№105 also rides to Khosta and Kudepsta.
№124c and 125c will take you from Sochi Center to the Olympic Park.
№125 goes from Sochi to Khosta and Kudepsta, and 125п comes right up to the Abkhazian border.
№135 will take you to any of Krasnaya Polyana resorts. It departs from the 'Novy Vek' stop in Adler, goes via Adler railway station and airport, and then makes a circle through Esto-Sadok, Gorki Gorod, Gazprom and Rosa Khutor.

These are the most important bus routes of moving from one district to another. Look at the online schedule to find out more. The traffic starts at 06:00 and ends to 22:00.

Because of the geographic features of Sochi (the city is elongate), its residents actively use electric trains and high-speed trains. There is a railway service between Sochi, Adler and Krasnaya Polyana.

The fastest way to get from Sochi to Adler or to mountain resorts is the high-speed train 'Lastochka'. The ticket price in 2017 is from 130Rbl and more depending on distance. Travel time is 35 minutes.

There are also suburban electric trains from Adler station to Sochi station. The fare is 102Rbl or 167Rbl if you go from airport. Travel time is 36-39 minutes.

You can also leave by transit train. There are many of them, especially in summer. Sadly, the tickets will be more expensive – 246 - 370Rbl (at 2017). Travel time is 30-36 minutes.

Main railway stations are in Central Sochi and Adler. There are also small stations in Khosta, Esto-Sadok and Rosa Khutor. The schedule is best viewed on or Yandex.Raspisaniya.

Taxi services also take long-distance trips between districts. This kind of trip will cost 1,500 - 2,000Rbl from both railway stations or airport to Krasnaya Polyana, and up to 1,000Rbl between Adler and Sochi. It is better to book a transfer in advance or use mobile apps with fix prices. You can also use carpooling services like BlaBlaCar, but check that your driver is not a local 'racer' or illegal taxi driver.

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