Angels of the 20th Century

Jun 13 - Aug 19 2019       Nab. kan. Griboedova 2
The emblem of angels is traditionally associated with religion, mostly appearing in paintings of religious figures and depictions of biblical scenes. However, with time, the depiction of these ethereal figures has also mutated and has been incorporated into different art forms and paintings not necessarily containing a religious element. The metamorphosis of the portrayal of angels through time is the theme of a new exhibition at the Benois Wing of The Russian Museum, where a collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures will visually show how the representation of angels shifted from being a traditional religious element into a symbol of modernism and avant-garde.



Jun 13 2019 - Aug 19 2019
Benois Wing (Russian Museum)
Nab. kan. Griboedova 2
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Tickets 250 - 500Rbl.

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