Dmitry Kaminker

Nov 14 - Jan 7 2020       Millionnaya ul. 5 bldg. 1
The exhibition presents the works by a famous St. Petersburg sculptor Dmitry Kaminker made over several decades. The concept of the exhibition, timed to the artist’s anniversary, offers an opportunity to take a fresh look at his work, see familiar compositions from a different perspective and get acquainted with his most recent works.
On 14 November 2019, in the courtyard of the Marble Palace, the opening of the monumental work “Fountain of Levitating Stones” will take place. Dmitry Kaminker’s sculpture is a gift to the Russian Museum from Yuri and Dmitry Saulidi on behalf of the Admiral Logistics Group as part of the project “Free Artists of St. Petersburg”.
The exhibition encompasses the sculptor’s work in different materials, such asbronze, stone, wood, plaster or paper. Each material reveals the peculiarities of the author’s style and the diversity of his creative pursuits. Playing with meanings, their multiplicity and interconnectedness, paradoxically combining the myth and reality, history and modernity, the sculptor intends his works for serious and thoughtful contemplation.
Sculptures by Dmitry Kaminker, full of unexpected plastic moves and imagery, prove the inexhaustibility of the artist’s reservoir of forms and the immensity of his creative energy.



Open 10:00 - 18:00, Thu 13:00 - 21:00. Closed Tue. Nov 14 2019 - Jan 7 2020
Marble Palace
Millionnaya ul. 5 bldg. 1
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Tickets 250 - 500Rbl.

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