St. Petersburg

Snowman and the Confusion of New Year

Friday Dec 28 12:00 …       Tavrichesky Sad, Potemkinskaya ul. 4
This winter, the Leningrad Centre will host a special interactive performance dedicated to a young audience. In Snowman and the Confusion of New Year, children will have the task to save the New Year’s holidays in a fantastic world where everybody seems to have forgotten about it and where the rules and order of things have mysteriously been overthrown. The performance is bound to entrance the spectators, as acrobats and actors join to help the little viewers to solve the puzzle and put everything into place and finally save the New Year.



Dec 28 2018 12:00
Dec 29 2018 14:00
Dec 30 2018 12:00
Jan 2 2019 12:00
Jan 3 2019 12:00
Jan 4 2019 12:00
Jan 5 2019 12:00
Jan 6 2019 12:00
Leningrad Centre
Tavrichesky Sad, Potemkinskaya ul. 4
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Price/Additional Info

Tickets 2,000 - 3,000Rbl.

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