ArbanassiMuseum House in Arbanassi
The historic architectural reserve of Arbanassi, 4 km uphill from Veliko Turnovo, is the perfect weekend getaway for all who want to enjoy some downtime in a beautiful setting, serviced by good hotels and restaurants, with plenty of sightseeing opportunities for those who cannot sit still. In recent years it has become particularly popular with well to do Bulgarians and this is reflected in the overall high standard of services and relatively high prices.

There is some discrepancy about the origins of the town, but it is clear that exiled Albanian Christians settled here in the 15th century and it gradually developed into a wealthy trading town and popular summer residence for the rich till 1798 when the kurdjalii (bandits) started to loot and pillage the town, sending it into decline. Today, the beautifully restored churches and museum houses give us an insight into the former wealth and deep spiritual commitment of the people of Arbanassi.

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