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Not surprisingly for a city with several large universities, Kaunas features a number of bars in which to sit on broken furniture and drink copious amounts of cheap beer amidst the next generation of top Lithuanian lawyers, doctors and other future professionals. Cocktail and wine bars are on the increase, although neither category reaches the dizzy heights of sophistication as witnessed in similar bars in the capital. Nightclubs remain in general either rather dull or reminiscent of a family wedding complete with paralytic teenagers and middle-aged ladies out for a good time. One or two exceptions exist, but in the main Kaunas is by no stretch of the imagination a centre of contemporary clubbing culture. Meanwhile, Blackberry-wielding businessmen with a taste for something saucy will be delighted to read that the city’s womenfolk are veritable eye-candy, several of them employed in the timeless pursuit of removing their undergarments whilst spinning round a chrome-plated pole. In short, don’t come to Kaunas exclusively for the nightlife, but do rest assured that you won’t have to spend your evenings locked in your hotel room with only a minibar for company.

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