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A little country wedged into a corner of the Baltic Sea, Lithuania is the largest of the Baltic States but has the shortest coastline. Both its land mass of 65,303 square kilometres and population of about 3.4 million are similar to those of the Republic of Ireland. Lithuania was the last country to adopt Christianity in Europe in 1387 and the first to declare independence from the USSR in 1990. It’s as flat as a pancake with lots of lakes and rivers and there are no nasty snakes or crocodiles or things that want to kill you. There are lots of forests and little villages in Lithuania, and the people have a strong sense of connection with nature as the tonnes of rubbish lying around in it testifies. The Lithuanians are very good at playing basketball and emigrating. Charles Bronson was one of 15 children born to a Lithuanian Tatar father. In short, Lithuania is a strange and interesting country.

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