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Shopping in Bucharest

Bucharest’s main shopping areas are the shopping centres and malls listed in the relevant sections, as well as B-dul Magheru and - increasingly - Calea Victoriei.

The overall shopping experience remains lousy, however, and if you’ve come to Bucharest for the shopping you are in for a nasty shock.

Still, there are plenty of places to buy souvenirs, and if that special someone is demanding you bring back something Romanian, here are a few ideas...

Romanian Monopoly
Features the streets and districts of Bucharest (placing Primaverii in place of Mayfair). It can be bought for around 120.00 lei in good toy and book stores.

Romanian Folk Costumes & Souvenirs
All of the handicraft shops listed in this guide sell some kind of folk costume, though perhaps the best places to find such items is the museum shop of the National Peasant Museum.

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