What You Need to Know About Liverpool Before You Go


Weather and Climate

The weather in Liverpool is pretty standard for the north of England, meaning the occasional bout of gloriously warm weather is generally bookended by drizzle, wind and chilly days. Rainfall is common but light, and the nearby Irish Sea guarantees strong gusts of wind throughout the year. It isn’t all doom and gloom though, as most of the year is fairly pleasant.

Is Liverpool safe?

Despite the city’s reputation, Liverpool is actually one of the safest big cities in the UK. Some of the inner city suburbs can be a bit rough (we’re looking at you, Norris Green) but the centre itself is a safe area full of people looking out for each other — Scousers are honest in that way. Keep your common sense about you and you’re not likely to encounter any issues.

Hospitals & Pharmacies

The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital is the main medical facility in the centre of town and is found on Prescot Street. Britain’s wacky capitalist obsession with privatisation means your best bet for standard medicines will be Boots pharmacists, while basic painkillers can be found in any supermarket.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Liverpool?

The tap water in Liverpool is absolutely fine to drink, pleasant even. Fear not the water which escapes from the faucet in this city.

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