Porto Torres

Porto Torres


Porto Torres, with its 2,000 years of history, is the ideal destination for those who don’t want to miss out on culture while enjoying a seaside holiday.
Founded by Julius Caesar in 46 AD it still shows the remains of the ancient town of Turris Libisonis. If you visit the National Archaeological Museum and the archaeological area you can admire its important finds, the ancient spa and walk through the paved streets and houses decorated with splendid multi-coloured marble.
From the 11th century, the impressive Basilica of St Gavinus was the biggest Romanesque monument in Sardinia. It’s a unique church due to its unusual architecture.
Inside, in the majestic 16th century crypt, the relics of the three Martiri Turritani, the city’s patron saints, are kept.
From the 14th century Aragonese Tower which welcomes you to the port, you can walk along the bustling shopping street and reach even more archaeological sites, monuments and museums which make up the culture of the city.
Sun, sea, green areas, space for leisure and sport: there really is a lot to do when you visit Porto Torres. Do not miss a walk along the sea front to admire the breathtaking views, romantic little piazzas, pure white sandy beaches and crystalline sea.

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