St. Maarten

In September 2017, Hurricane Irma destroyed large swathes of this beautiful Caribbean island. We hope and pray that our friends and colleagues on St. Maarten are safe and in the process of rebuilding their lives. Unfortunately, at the present time we can't be sure how much of the content in this chapter is still accurate. We apologise for the uncertainty and hope to update our reviews once the island has recovered.

Two sovereign European powerhouses, the Netherlands and France, share this Caribbean island. In 1648 both nations divided the island into St. Maarten and St. Martin, but today none of the almost 80,000 residents make much of a fuss about the centuries-old treaty. They're probably too busy enjoying this earthly paradise, which has been one of the Caribbean's leading destinations for decades. Nowhere else in the region can you find as many hotels, restaurants, nightlife, casinos, sightseeing, water sports and shopping opportunities as on this small island called St. Maarten or St. Martin depending on your exact location. The capital, Philipsburg, is a port of call for 1.4 million visitors each year that arrive on cruise ships searching for the perfect duty-free gift. On a busy cruise ship day there can be up to nine behemoths moored in Great Bay making downtown a maze of scurrying international tourists.

Watch video below by Skyworks Curacao of St Maarten & St Martin:

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