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You’re in for a treat. Aarhus might not get the attention that other Scandinavian cities do, but when has following the crowd ever been the way to go? Denmark’s second-largest city is waiting to steal your heart through its alluring array of museums, history, cultural centres and weird residential buildings that look like icebergs. Your new favourite city awaits.

But it isn’t all about the underrated, the under-appreciated and the overlooked. This is the second largest city in the country after all, and one that displays all the confidence you’d expect from such a spot. Important things have happened here, the past, present and future of the Danish nation has been influenced by the people and happenings of Aarhus. Underestimate this place at your peril.

The ARoS Art Museum is as good as any equivalent in Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo, while Den Gamle By might just trump all opposition when it comes to bringing history to life. Throw in some seriously productive cultural centres and a roster of museums that doff their respective caps in the direction of Denmark’s tough history and you’ve got a city that knows who it is and why you’re going to fall in love with it. And believe us, you will fall in love with Aarhus.
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